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Spelling Sites Make Learning a Game

Enrollment has begun for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The journey to Washington, D.C., starts this fall with more than 11 million students. In 2015, only 285 spellers made it to the national finals. The Internet is a powerful tool with many sites...

Household Activities to Improve Your Child's Numeracy Skills

Parents will often employ a variety of methods to improve their child's key numeracy skills, such as math-based games. These kinds of exercises will always be helpful, but there are also plenty of ordinary household activities that can...

Online Spelling Skills from these Child-Friendly Sites

When learning is made to be a game, it is not a task. The Internet is a powerful learning tool. Many spelling sites have emerged offering your child help with spelling and vocabulary training. Choose the spelling sites you'll be using with...

Make Math a Game with Playing Cards

Your child will want to learn math with card games. When learning is enjoyable and fun, it's easier and children are more receptive. Get started with these games to help your child become a math savvy, cardshark.

Go Fish for Tens

Making tens is a skill...

Work With Your Child to Help Them Achieve

As a parent, you're surely interested in helping your child reach their goals and do their best on whatever they put their minds to. For instance, if you have a young student at home, you must want to give them the tools and attention necessary so they...
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